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  • Locations: Caen, France
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Program Sponsor: Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) 
  • Program Cost:: Spring
Program Dates:
Program Dates:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2020 10/15/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
Program Description:

Experience Caen

The KIIS Spring Semester programKIIS Caen in Caen provides an ideal setting for students to experience French art, culture, history, and language. Students study at the Centre d’Enseignement du Francais pour Etrangers (CEFE) at the Universite de Caen. Students may enroll in a variety of French-language courses (all levels offered) and have the option of residing with a French homestay family or staying in a university dorm.

Capital of the Lower Normandy (Basse-Normandie) region in northern France, Caen is a medium-sized city of 115,000 people with a modern spirit and a rich historical tradition. It is located two hours from Paris (easily accessible by train), fifteen minutes from the English Channel, ten minutes from France’s northern beaches, and on the road to famous Mont Saint-Michel. Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century, Caen and its environs are dotted with abbeys, castles, universities and other medieval dwellings. In modern times, Caen is also proudly remembered by the French, British, Americans and Canadians for the fierce fighting that occurred there during the 1944 Battle of Normandy. The city has constructed a memorial for peace to commemorate that pivotal moment in history. Fortunately, portions of the city's beautiful architecture survived the war and over the past sixty-plus years Caen has continued to prosper.

The Caen program lasts 18 weeks. Students take classes five days a week and participate in a number of excursions and other group activities. Most weekends and during Spring Break, students are free to travel independently in France and beyond. Often students prefer to stay in Caen with new French friends and family, entranced by the city’s narrow streets, shops,theaters, cafés, parks, gardens, and marina. Whether you opt to stay in a dorm or reside with a homestay, you learn firsthand about the nuances of French language, culture, history, and geography. Like many past participants, your Caen semester abroad will prove unforgettable.

A student visa is required for the KIIS Caen program; once accepted, KIIS will assist you in obtaining the French visa (the cost of the visa is approx. $140 and is not included in the program cost).



Spring 2019 Course Offerings:

FREN 101: Elementary French I (3 Hours)
FREN 102: Elementary French II (3 Hours)
FREN 201: Intermediate French I (3 Hours)
FREN 202: Intermediate French II (3 Hours)
FREN 306: Experiencing French Abroad (3 Hours)
FREN 314: Introduction to French Literature (3 Hours)
FREN 320: French Grammar and Composition (3 Hours)
FREN 321: French Conversation (3 Hours)
FREN 323: French Civilization and Culture (3 Hours)
FREN 328: French Diction and Pronunciation (3 Hours)
FREN 420: Advanced French Composition and Stylistics (3 Hours)
FREN 421: Advanced French Conversation (3 Hours)
FREN 427: Francophone Culture (3 hours)

Two English-language Honors offerings:
HON 490 (1) Topics: Economic Integration in Europe (3 hours)
HON 490 (2) Topics: Modern French Literature (3 hours)

For course descriptions, click here.



Dorm Option: Students are housed at the Centre d’Enseignement du Francais pour Etrangers (CEFE) at the Universite de Caen on mixed-gender floors. Most dorm rooms are single occupancy (i.e you have your own room). Rooms include a bed, a working space, and a private bathroom with shower. Students should bring sheets and towels. Laundry service is available (not included in program cost). The university cafeteria is located nearby where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served (two meals a day/five days a week are included in the cost of the KIIS program). The dorm (and the entire Universite de Caen) is within easy walking distance to the center of town (a hop, skip, and a jump past William The Conqueror's castle).

Homestay Option: Students may select to live with a French family. Doing so provides students with a wonderful opportunity to improve your French-language and culture skills. The homestay option includes a furnished room and two meals per day/five days a week. Sheets and towels are included. The cost is an additional $1000.